Petroli Energy Limited

Inherent in every business is its attendant risks, it is therefore imperative to identify the various risks
that are attached to a business and take proactive measures to mitigate or possibly eliminate these risks.

Risk Management

Our various processes are tested against industry standards, and our team of in-house and external advisors constantly work to identify possible operational, financial and legal risks to our business and put in place measures to ensure that we arrive at the same results that we had set out but without crystallization of the attendant risks in the processes that led to those results.

One of the greatest risks that poses a threat to our oil trading business is fluctuation in product price and foreign exchange rates. To mitigate this risk, we have put in place effective hedging services to mitigate our exposures to these fluctuations. We carefully select as our international partners the best in the business, ensuring we obtain first class expert advice on market and price predictions that enable us to act at the right time in the market.

We recognize the dynamic nature of our business and the market, we therefore are aware of the changing nature of the risks to our business, which we monitor closely. We are therefore in tune with the various workings of the market and business, and very alert to any need for a change, improvement or adjustment in the way we do things in step with new risks that may arise.

Philosophy of quality

We offer to both our local and international clients the best in terms of crude and refined products transactions in local and foreign denominated currency.

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